Corinne Troisi comes from the performing arts and the broadcasting scene: actress, sound engineer, set decorator for theater and cinema, audiovisual production manager,documentary film director...From her multi-faceted career she kept a video director's vision.The frames and points of view she chooses give her anamorphosis a depth of field which completely transforms the space on which she operates to create works in situ. 

Actress, sound engineer, film decorator, audiovisual production director, documentary filmmaker, she has been affiliated to Maison des artistes de Paris since 2006.

It is mainly in contemporary Moroccan artistic creation that Corinne Troisi has been engaged in recent years, by creating monumental anamorphoses (ephemeral or perennial) for Art Centers, Foundations, French Institutes, and private collections of Casablanca, Rabat and Tanger.

Awarded a degree in Sciences of the Education, trained as an actress at Levallois’s Theater, then in the Audiovisual Production Management and in documentary film directing, she also studied Ethnology at Paris X Nanterre University and Visual Arts in Paris I Sorbonne, before obtaining a Master's degree in Mediation and Cultural Engineering at Sophia Antipolis Nice University.


«Since a few years I have been exploring the wide field of anamorphosis. Metaphors of a reality, which is often only a semblence, the characters or the objects I draw are distorted. Then they are painted on different planes and complex volumes, so that the original picture can only be deciphered from a single point of view.

If the human soul – and by extension the soul of the world -, the shadow and the light, are always at the core of my aesthetic and philosophical concerns, my research leads me to question more often movement, time and mainly space.

The audience is invited -in situ- to experiment, in a funny way, changing points of view, which will modify their perception of space, and -why not- induce them to reflect about their own perception of the world.»

Visual artist, Corinne Troisi lives and works between Paris and Casablanca.

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